Revive18 Winter Camp

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Our theme for camp this year will be “Follow Me.” We will be diving into the heart of the Gospel of Mark to heed Christ’s call to follow after Him. Denying one’s self and carrying one’s cross are antithetical to the teenage way of life. Teenagers today have so much done for them and so many lies told to them that it is rare to find Christian youths even in the church who truly surrender all to follow Jesus. The church desperately needs a generation of young men and women who know and love the Jesus of the Bible and who are are willing to commit their lives to His kingdom, for His glory.

Prices below are for registration purposes only. Churches outside of LBC & LBC Staff will be in charge of collecting payments for students. The total cost is not reflected during registration and not handled by Lakeside Bible Church if registering with a different church.

Attendee Types

  • $0 – Non LBC Student
  • $0 – Non LBC Church Leaders & Staff
  • $165 – Lakeside Bible Church Students & Guests
  • $0 – LBC - Youth & Support Staff

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Event Details

  • Feb 9
    7:30 pm
    Feb 11
    11:00 am